Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling in Brentwood, TN

Premarital Counseling is the first step to starting a healthy relationship in a new marriage.

frequently asked questions This type of therapy allows the couple to discuss and work on strengthening communication skills, setting realistic expectations, understanding what is important to each member of the couple, and create an opportunity to vision for the future healthy marriage.

Sign Up Now and receive a $100 discount. Brentwood Counseling Associates is offering a premarital package, delivered by Kris Lott, which includes 4 one-hour premarital sessions. Upon completion of the four sessions, the couple will receive a Certificate of Completion from the state that will allow them to get a free marriage license.

$500 Package – Retail Value ($600)
Premarital Package will include four sessions. Any additional sessions will be billed at $150 per session (Normal Rate). The Prepare/Enrich Assessment will be used throughout the four sessions. The couple is responsible for the $35 assessment fee.

Session 1 – Overview
In the first session, the therapist will listen to and appreciate the story of the couple. The couple will work together to develop an understanding of what is a healthy marriage. The session will also focus on the couple’s perceived strengths areas, growth areas, and current stressors. The session will conclude with an overview and summary of the Prepare Assessment.

Session 2 – Individual Session
In this session, the couple will take turns meeting with the therapist individually and discussing their fears and anxieties about getting married. The therapist will complete a genogram, which helps the couple discuss their family of origin. The couple will work individually to name their family’s expectations and definitions of success. This work will result in a conversation to discuss which past values should and should not be part of the new relationship.

Session 3 – Communication & Conflict
In the third session, the couple will focus on conflict and their negative interaction patterns. The therapist will explore what are the common areas of conflict and during conflict what does each partner need for a positive outcome. The goal is for the couple to develop their “rules of engagement” as well as begin to see the negative cycle before the conflict starts.

Session 4 – Closing session
In the fourth session, the couple provides feedback on what topics they would like to discuss. The available topics include Family Roles, Sex & Intimacy, Finances, Spirituality & Faith, Parenting Expectations, Partner Style & Habits, ETC.

We will conclude the last session by reviewing the couple’s description of a healthy marriage and take away from the sessions.

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